We'll take your brand and make it real. We'll help you build it, and bring it to life.

"Branding strategies evolve everyday especially through today's technology and demand. However, merely picking up 'the latest' does not give you the competitive edge."
- Andy Wong, Branding Strategist

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In Need for a Brand-Breakthrough?

You came to the right place! A&O Corporate Brandbuilding Consultants offers clients independent or collaborative consulting in the areas of Brand Audit, Brand Strategy, Brand Management & Brand Re-Positioning that leads to practical solutions to the most pressing marketing challenges their companies face.

Such solutions also involve helping senior management to determine their most critical marketing objectives and strategies, or partnering with marketing staffs to help identify their best customers and prospects, or resolving marketing or other issues with their company's communications agencies.

What Can We Do for You and Your Brand?

We help marketeers focus on what works in the marketplace, and what needs to be renewed in their brands by offering the following corporate branding solutions throughout Malaysia:

  • Corporate Image Branding
  • Strategic Corporate Communications & PR
  • Online Marketing & Brand Building Strategies
  • Brand Promotion & Event Management
  • Personal Image Branding
  • many more!

To put it simple, We take your brand and make it real. We'll do all it takes to build it, and bring it to life.

But... Why Us?

experience the potential of your brand with corporate brandbuilding malaysia

  • A team of branding specialists, each with about 10-20 years experience in their respective field
  • We conduct integrated branding & marketing systems for maximum brand I.M.P.A.C.T
  • Leveraging upon the latest online and offline corporate branding strategies
  • Independent or collaborative consultation sessions to constantly drive YOUR brand

Advertising VS Branding: Who Will Reign?

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Want to Know MORE?

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Brands, Brands and More Brands!

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