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"Branding strategies evolve everyday especially through today's technology and demand. However, merely picking up 'the latest' does not give you the competitive edge."
- Andy Wong, Branding Strategist

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Our Portfolio

SCIENTEX Berhad: Corporate Identity Handbook, Brand Logo & Slogan, Corporate Launch Event, Corporate Vision & Philosophy Handbook, Website, Video

"Branding creates an identity; Nothing is more important to an organization than share a common identity with their employees"

You've got a good product and you know it. But where do you go from there? Do your employees see the same as you do? That is exactly where SCIENTEX was and why they contacted us.

We started by creating a standardized corporate brand identity that carries through the entire organization, educating its employees on the vision and the significance of the brand - SCIENTEX. This in turn developed a unified vision and work motivation among employees, something unobtainable through a good product alone. See more brands!

Ayamas: Magazine Ads, Buntings, Posters, Flyers, Uniforms, Billboards, Stickers

"Adverts are merely a tool to drive a brand and not otherwise"

The RIGHT advertisement/promotion at the RIGHT time is able to create an impact far greater than mere advertisements. A promotion inconjunction with the year of the Rooster (Lunar Calendar).. need we say more?

Grasping this timely opportunity, we also understood the importance to enhance the brand image by lifting the image of the outlets. Our team created sets of customized promotional materials so that each outlet sends the right image and message to its customers.

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Bosch: Magazine Ads, Buntings, Posters, Flyers, Uniforms, Billboards, Stickers

"A strong brand image = A strong brand perception"

Bosch, a globally recognized brand. Their secret = GREAT product + GREAT BRAND

A global brand starts with a great product, a product that is both local and global at the same time. A brand highlights the realibility of a product, giving it a perceived value and trust towards its customers. We enhanced its value from safety campaigns to dealership trainings and awards, positioning Bosch to ensure the best is given to its supporters and customers.

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Manhattan Fish Market: Magazine Ads, Buntings, Posters, Flyers, Uniforms, Billboards, Stickers

"A great brand drives great food"

The F&B industry today is packed and continues to grow each and everyday. What makes a new brand stand out? Manhattan Fish Market saw the opportunity, came into action and conquered Malaysia within a short period of time.

Our job? To provide an authentic fish market dining experience one can have - starting from the interior itself to the menu where props are used to create an atmosphere with a giant poster elaborating the background of the actual fish market in Manhattan. Starting off with first outlet in Malaysia, they were quick to position themselves in almost every major shopping malls in the Klang Valley.

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We Believe...

we believe "...that corporate branding does not happen and cannot through one channel alone. It is something beyond advertisements and events. It is a perception, an emotion and a constant growing relationship with your customers at all times.
At Corporate Branding Malaysia, your brand makes a difference!"

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Within Every Brand is a Product, but Not Every Product is a Brand...

did you know? A product is tangible and it has physical attributes. However, a brand is a composite of how consumers feel about a product; the personality they attribute to it, the trust the place in it, the confidence it earns from them, the affection the feel for it, and above all - their shared experience with it.

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